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Street Ferran. Hotel Adagio is located at number 21 of the Ferran street in Barcelona.

Parallel to the sea and located in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona this nineteenth-century shopping street, built in the late period absolutist Fernando VII has become one of the most emblematic and tourist city. Since 1910 links La Rambla to Plaça Sant Jaume after a project of the City of Barcelona during the 1820-1823 legislature conducted by the architect Josep Mas i Vila, which sought to unite La Rambla with the Parc de la Ciutadella.
Initially it was named as Carrer de Fernando VII, who was king at that time also baptize again in 1910 as Carrer Ferran. It has acquired different names depending on the historical moment until the beginning of the Spanish democracy recovered the original Ferran, this time without the (VII)


Cut épocaEl newspaper building. Ferran, 21.

This mid-nineteenth century building was renovated in 1905 by architect Joan Alsina i Arus, which was awarded the prize for the best establishment of the annual competition of buildings of the City of Barcelona.

Photo-portrait of the architect Joan Joan Alsina Alsina i Arus. the architect

(Barcelona, 1872 – ibid, 1911) was a Spanish modernist architect.

He was the head of the Municipal Section of Parks and Gardens of the City of Barcelona.

He presented aquarium building projects in the Exhibition of Fine Arts in Barcelona in 1896; he designed some works in Barcelona, as Oller House (1901 square Tetuan, 9), in collaboration with Salvador Oller, or Pince House (1905 Ferran), which was awarded by the City of Barcelona, and also dedicated industrial architecture, with examples like the factory Can Trinxet (1905, Santa Eulalia, 212, l'Hospitalet de Llobregat).
In 1905 he made drawings of the Palau Güell (1885-1889; Nou de la Rambla, 3-5) for the exhibition held in Paris on the work of architect Antoni Gaudí. He also collaborated with Lluis Domenech i Montasner in the direction of the works of the Gran Hotel in Palma de Mallorca.


The establishment. House Pince.
The establishment was known as Can Pinsa pension, which was ran a Frenchman named Jean Pince and his wife in the street Raurich first and then in the corner of Ferran to the same name, Raurich. The owners were not cooks, which does not remove the excellence of its cuisine, led by chef worthily named Jordi, which coincides with the current chef Jordi Herrera Martínez (Michelin Star and Gastronomy Nadal prize) Gastronomic Hotel Adagio space.


Invitation and menu Pince House reopened in a new location.

The restaurant began to gain prestige among the upper classes. Reaching posh banquets for events such as the visit of the Infanta Isabel of Bourbon. Consolidated the success of the restaurant, and his wife Catarina Pince Ros remained as sole proprietors and bought the whole building.
Also they celebrated known for high society soirees, dinner for the diplomatic corps at the consulate or meals for the association of architects of Catalonia.
In one of its rooms and in one of the organized events, the famous doctor Bartomeu Robert i Yarzábal, President of the Regionalist League and mayor of the city of Barcelona was the victim of a serious illness after he died soon after.


We do not know exactly the date or the reason for the closure, although the Catalan journalist and essayist Lluís Permanyer illustrates an article of a known Catalan newspaper saying it was due to a failure of the Bank of Barcelona, a mixture of a bad action of their owners Exchange and anarchism, which identified as one of the local preferred by the ruling class.
Over the years managed to become residential use until 1990 it was forged with the current name of Hotel Adagio and classified as either urban interest. Until today converted into Hotel Gastronomic returning to its origins.

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